Hi, I’m Sheena and I am the owner and creator of Island Tulip Designs Co. I have developed over the years a great love of creating beautiful things, I find so much calm and positive outlet just creating designs that can make someone day, bring a smile and complete someone’s big day. I am truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to work from home and do what I love most and with love for what I do it really doesn’t feel like work, it feels like sharing my creativity with wonderful people around the world.

I spend my days glued to my laptop trying to come up with designs sometimes they make it to the store sometimes they may not. If I’m honest there are times when I have been on my laptop working so long finding hard to take a break saying I’ll take a break in a few minutes but never do and when I actually do take a break my eyes are so blurry it isn’t fun, but there are times when inspiration hits and I’m just so in the zone and it’s flowing that big just have to get it all out.

I pour my heart and soul into all my designs and into Island Tulip Designs Co because I do believe in quality and giving my best to you. I really do hope that my designs will bring a little extra to your special day.

Thank you so much for dropping by have a blessed and beautiful day.